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Trauma-Post Traumatic Stress 

There are many things we experience as a consequence of a traumatic event. Three common clusters of feelings are: re-experiencing, hyper or hypo arousal, and avoidance. Re-experiencing  can manifests as nightmares, "flashbacks" and reliving the event in the present.


Hyper arousal can manifest as anxiety, restlessness, hyper-vigilance, disturbed sleep and a feeling of being unable to relax. Hypo arousal on the other hand can manifest as an inability to move, feeling stuck, unmotivated and depressed.


Avoidance is wanting to withdraw from people, places and things. A feeling of not being safe in the world. These are all extremely painful states of being and I am going to help you through it. This is one of my specialties. I welcome you here: children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. 


Grief, Depression and Anxiety

In my experience Depression and Anxiety are a consequence of grieving and repressed feelings associated with grieving. This could look like a loss, particularly a loss of control. I can help you get your feet back on the ground, working with your sadness, fear, frustration and anger. You are welcomed to sit in safety with me: children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.


 Wellness Concerns

My belief is that most of us at some point will experience a wellness concern. You are welcome here  and I will help you by dismantling shame, stigma and guilt. If you don't experience these, I honour where you are and how you show up. Come sit with me as we work together towards wellness: children, adolescents, adults, families and couples.

My Approach

I am an Award Winning Practitioner, receiving the Neinstien Award for my work in Developmental Trauma.

I am an eclectic practitioner, a clinical social worker and therapist. What this means is that I have been educated, trained and experienced in using multiple therapeutic interventions. It also means I work with diverse human beings with diverse mental wellness challenges.

I am known for developing with ease what we call therapeutic rapport/relationships.  I consider myself a curious explorer and caring witness helping you get to the root of what feels uncomfortable and sometimes intense.


Sitting with me you will experience a way of seeing yourself as resilient, remembering who you are, remembering you can trust yourself and land in clarity.

I practice compassionate inquiry with an anti-oppressive edge. I am unconventional and non-traditional. I value transparency, which means I practice with honesty and sincerity and honour how you show up. I assist in eliminating your self-doubt by guiding you to an understanding of the roots of blame, shame and guilt in your familial and social conditioning and how these manifest in “dis ease” in the mind and body.

I work with children as young as 4 years of age, adolescents (teens), youth, young adults, couples, seniors, LGBTQ individuals and any individuals seeking wellness.

My Approach
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