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Accessible & Inclusive Mental Health Resources for Coping Through COVID‑19


 Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

How Your Relationship Can Survive Quarantine

How to cope with  a layoff due to COVID

Psychological Pandemic survival kit

Coping with Anxiety During Covid-19

How to manage fear of the unknown

24 ideas from CMHA to help COVID stress


For anyone under the rainbow, including your kids


Virus Anxiety

Cartoon explaining COVID to kids


Ontario together-Fighting COVID…/how-your-organization-can-help-fig…


Caring For Self & Self Compassion & Esteem

FREE  MIndfulness self compassion training

Vulnerability & Power | Brené Brown & Russell Brand

The best boundary leader---How do boundaries help with the yoyo of self-doubt and indecisiveness?

Shame the final frontier to freedom


FREE self compassion exercises 

How To Feel Better -Teal Swan - (Feeling Signatures)


Great article on self love and acceptance


The Self Care wheel-Wonderful Resource


The change triangle

A self-care game


6 Ways to invite love on a death anniversary

Support  and Groups for loss of pregnancy due to.....


Four Types of Grief Nobody Told You About

The Smell of Rain on Dust by Martín Prechtel

Another way of looking at grief


A self-care game


Grief workbook

Grieving through a suicide:



How to cope with  a layoff

When is it Discrimination in the workplace?



Toxic co-workers and environments 

Access 2500+ Online Courses from 140 Institutions. Start Today Self paced learning is FREE

Mental Health in the Workplace: An Accommodation Guide for Managers and Staff

Employer's Guide to sick leave



Breathe Retraining-PODCAST

Watching Thoughts-Podcast

Do This To Completely HEAL Your Body and Mind | Marisa Peer

Natural, Alternatives To Pain Medication Remedy Review

Workplace Stress: 50 % Says It Negatively Impacts Their Health -remedy review


Here is a link to a selection of audio files...choose the ones that speak to you

This is a workshop with a guided meditation at the end ....listen to last 20 mins or so for the guided meditation


Listen and follow instructions about 15 min neurosensory exercise


Fatigue and Sleep Disturbance

Sleep Help

Sleep- FREE workbook


Sleep and Stress: How It's All Connected-Remedy Review

Sleep and Your Mental Health

Abraham Hicks Guided Meditation Deep Sleep

SLeep App (FREE)

Abraham Hicks ~ In 2019 Listen to this every night before bed ❣ no ads

Abraham-Hicks | Fatigue and lack of sleep

Substance Misuse

The Vortex Model of Addiction

What is Addiction? [Gabor Maté]

Dr. Gabor Maté ~ Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted: The Possible Human

Dr. Gabor Maté - Cannabis and Addiction



How To Heal The Emotional Body - Teal Swan

How To Stop Thinking (How to Stop Thought) - Teal Swan -

Find Mental Health Help in Your Area

Free Boxing for mental health





Comprehensive Resource Model :5 videos featuring CRM resourcing, fractals, and sound healing specifically designed to alleviate the fear, dread, overwhelm, and disconnection that has surfaced for so many of us in these difficult times

Stephen Porges-Poly Vagal Nerve in Trauma

Irene Lyon Attunement-Central Nerovus System


Somatic Experiencing(SE)with Peter Levine For Uncomfortable Bodily Sensations

FREE- 3 part Healing Trauma Series


Books on Trauma:

Trauma Is Really Strange, by Steven Haines. 


Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, by Pete Walker 


Getting Past your Past, by Francine Shapiro


The Body Never Lies – The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting, by Alice Miller


Trauma and Recovery, by Judith Hermann


I Can’t Get Over It, by Aprodite Matsakis.

****Healing Trauma - Peter Levine - Full **FREE Audiobook

Molested As a Young Boy: An NBA Star Breaks His Silence

Understanding Attachment: How Our ‘Old Stuff’ Defines Us

Childhood Trauma Leads to Brains Wired for Fear

Gabor Mate: Healing the brain from trauma... BEST 18 mins. ON TRAUMA


Trauma and ACES

How to Change a Belief - Teal Swan


Polyvagal Chart ( a Visual for trauma experience)

The Hidden Truth About Dysfunctional Relationships - Teal Swan -



TED talk on Anxiety and alternative ideas and strategies to cope   

Social Anxiety-FREE workbook

Health Anxiety-FREE WORKBOOK


Worry and Rumination- FREE WORKBOOK

Why we have anxiety and what to do about it...Deepak Chopra

3 things to know when healing anxiety

Dealing With Social Anxiety, In a Time Where Everything is Social -Remedy Review

How to Get Rid of Anxiety (A Natural Cure for Anxiety) - Teal Swan

How to Stop a Panic Attack (Episode about Anxiety Attacks) - Teal Swan

Good overview of anxiety and panic, visuals and what to do

How to Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode on Worry) - Teal Swan


What To Do if you are Suicidal

When Nothing Ever Works To Feel Better - Teal Swan -

Positively Embrace Your Negative Emotions - Teal Swan


A Unique Perspective: A way to avoid suicide? Teal Swan

Warning: A controversial view point on suicide-Teal Swan


Oldies but goldies-John Bradshaw

Healing the Shame that Binds You- 

Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child

The Family

Family Secrets

 Brain Injury




Psychopath Free (Expanded Edition): Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other Toxic People,  Jackson MacKenzie

Whole Again: Healing Your Heart and Rediscovering Your True Self After Toxic Relationships and Emotional Abuse,by  Jackson MacKenzie and Shannon Thomas

Narcissism Youtube videos by DR Ramani-The Glossary of Narcissistic Relationships


45 Tools and Resources for Student Mental Health

Is a Therapy Dog Right for Your Child with Autism [Complete Guide]

FREE Positive parenting tool for ages 2-16

Why we need to talk about porn | Jo Robertson | TEDxChristchurch

How I talk to my kids about porn.-shanti zimmermann

Before Your Kids Use Social Media Watch This-Dr Shefali

What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

The effects of childhood trauma

Struggling to manage a child's behavior... consider this...

Child Behavior: When nothing else works, consider these 7 strategies:

18 Signs That Will Help You to Understand Your Baby Before They Can Speak

Home Visiting Program-When you need support


Ask program: for development concerns

Halton Parent Support groups

Create a calm down box


Positive language for tantrums

This is over an hour but so worth the watch: The Consequences of Stressed Parenting by Gabor Mate:

Connected Parenting FREE Podcasts by Jennifer Kolari


The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali: FREE Videos

"Your kids are not giving you a hard time. They are having a hard time".


Alternatives to tame a tantrum


Myths and Facts: Battling Disinformation About Transgender Rights

Body Dysmorphia

How to Recognize Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Teens



Positivity Colouring sheets

My body is my body resource pack.

Transgender Resources-CAMH


Myths and Facts: Battling Disinformation About Transgender Rights


Body Dysmorphia


45 Tools and Resources for Student Mental Health

Dealing With Social Anxiety, In a Time Where Everything is Social -Remedy Review

If you have trouble understanding your teenager-How to Get Out of the Freeze Response in Love, Relationships, Dating & Intimacy

Sexual Orientation

Transgender Resources-CAMH


Myths and Facts: Battling Disinformation About Transgender Rights

Body Dysmorphia



On Dementia



3 part series- 10 min + each​....Understanding What Men Crave - with  a balanced couple  

How to get your needs met  - Part 2

Codependency FREE podcast-

Making Marriage Work | Dr. John Gottman

Infidelity: Can Your Relationship Survive?


The Roadblocks Between You And Love

How to Get Out of the Freeze Response in Love, Relationships, Dating & Intimacy

How To Express your Emotions - A Relationship Communication Tool-Teal Swan

Priceless Relationship Advice - Teal Swan

10 Tips For a Successful Relationship - Teal Swan

The Connection Process - How To Connect With Someone -Teal Swan-

One Way to Ruin a Relationship (The Love Doesn't Exist Story)

The Hidden Truth About Dysfunctional Relationships - Teal Swan -

Co-Dependent, No More, Melody Beatty

Post-romantic stress disorder what to do when the honeymoon is over-John Bradshaw

Separation & Divorce

 Emergency cheap limited family legal information and legal coaching


FREE Community Legal Services (Peel region)  (Halton Region)


Legal information

Introduction to Ontario Separation Agreements: What to Know Before You Start

Incompatibility-Teal Swan  

Infidelity: Can Your Relationship Survive?

How to Survive a Breakup and/or Heartbreak -Teal Swan

FREE parenting plan worksheet


Lots and Lots of articles


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