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Praise For Our Services

"She knows how to help people no matter what the need. Amazing woman. Highly recommend her."

Sandra· March 2016 


"Ms. Civiero is a wonderful , compassionate, listener. I always felt at ease in her care. I received insightful feedback and thoughtful questions that always gave me pause for self reflection. I highly recommend Ms. Civiero to assist you through life's challenging times." Gail 2016


"I've been with Ida for psychotherapy help... I had a bad MVA - Motor Vehicle Accident late 2016.  I'm experiencing some serious trauma and pain, and she's done the best job of getting me through my pain and suffering.  She has been very comforting at listening to me and helping me thru the tough times.  At first it was tough coming to see her but now I feel a lot different when I'm done with my sessions."  -Stan, November 2017

"Ida is an incredibly astute and compassionate woman. She has an ability to get to the root source of an issue and removed the static and confusion around it, helping one break down barriers and work through issues with guidance, compassion, and acceptance. Ida is a unique healer and a wonderful guide for anyone wanting to release old trauma's and coping skills that no longer serve us."
Highly recommend her!-
Amy, February 2018

"Ida was extremely helpful to me. She was warm and welcoming. She helped me to understand my feelings and cope with my loss. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Ida."  Karen, March 2018

"I believe I speak not just for myself but my spouse as well when I say we were very skeptical about emotional focused therapy. But after going through this type of therapy approach with you as our guide, it has made us believers. You were able to help us find our true emotional selves by been able to better analyze our feelings and improve key aspects deficient  in our relationship: effective communication and understanding our feelings for each other better. Your down to earth and realistic approach with managing our expectations of results, while helping us with couple therapy was really encouraging and very helpful.

Thank you Ida!" =Tracey and Paul, March 2018


"I am writing to share the feedback we received from a client recently referred to you.

The quality of the service met my expectations: Agree
I would recommend this service to a co-worker: Strongly Agree
Comments: It's good to just talk and vent. Having someone who listens and is compassionate helped a lot.”

Thank you very much for the great work you do Ida!


Best regards"-Maria, April 2018

"Ida is amazing. She brings me back to earth every time I see her. She's realistic and a fantastic listener. I love her happy spirit."- Iman May 2018

 "I can't express enough, how much I've learned from you. Your tools, wisdom and direction have made it so much easier and pleasant to maneuver through every day life.  My time with you, wil carry through the years. I truly can't thank you enough."- Rose June 2019

"I wanted to thank you for all the help you provided me - I feel a change happening in myself. Winter is setting in and I am not feeling depressed like I usually do, and i know this is because you have helped me to change my way of thinking. Thank you so much." Riley December 2019

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