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Awakening is My Purpose


Dec 12 2017 @ 7:28am

Creating this page

Waking up this early

Changing what I say to myself when I feel sick:

"My body is getting rid of toxic crap I need to let go off. I am grateful my body knows what to do."


Dec 14 -20 2017 & 5:30 am


Going to Cuba for self care. Experimenting with healing through sun, sand and sea air.


Dec 21, 2017 @ 9:30 am


Two rounds of antibiotics, 6 days in Cuba, starting Oregono oil

Went back to work too soon.

Your body knows when to say NO!...Need to listen


Dec. 28, 2017


Excited my first day in 3 weeks where I don't feel sick...Singing out loud in the car, humming while i move through my day. Noticing everything is better when in health

Thinking of clients that feel pain and ill every day, day in and out...Feeling empathy and gratitude

Cleared office using drums. Had very good sessions  as a result...Need to do this more often.

Took a risk and sold my first stock. Made money...Yeah!

Listened to a youtube conference and contacted the speaker, hoping we can connect and work together.

Keep learning and growing exposing myself to new people, ideas and ways of being


Dec. 29, 2017


Thought  about setting up a practice in  California (not the first time)

Joined "Myfitnesspal" in an effort to be healthier


February 4, 2018


Can't believe more than a month has gone by...I said "no" today to taking on  more clients... Very hard for me as I am self employed and sole supporting...I made my self care a priority over more work.  Proud of me!!!!


February 25, 2018




March 15, 2018, Pace Breathing

April 2, 2018, The Way of Gabor Mate

He sums it all up in 18 mins.

The best use of 18mins. I have found

April 20, 2018, Equine Experience (FEEL program)


June 20, 2018, Trauma healing through Unconditional loving  Connection


August 20, 2018, Trauma The Basics-5 week webinar


September 15, 2018


November 5, 2018, Taking my power back and defining my work on my terms...…..

Loving Humanity in the ways it shows up!

January 25, 2019

Continuing on the vein of taking my power back...I made the decision to give up a very stable source of income to totally immerse myself in my private practice in Milton.  I am closing a door with the hope that another will open.  I am having faith in my self and the universal principle that I am supported by letting go and giving it up to the higher consciousness.

April 4, 2019....  My antidote to Shame





April 7, 2019

Taking risks: Using my voice to care for myself

April 18, 2019
Coming out of the shadow of shame..

September 25, 2019

My face hurts and I am struggling to get oxygen in my lungs and through my sinuses and nose.
I am tired and in fatigue. Tired of being tired.
This is my daily experience.
I am aching for clarity
Self-doubt has returned after a proclamation that I operate with ease.
This is not the ease, nor the flow
The ebb is calling and this is where my work begins again.
It is here that I dig deep to find the clarity I am longing for.
I turn toward myself
And ask, who am I without self-doubt?
The answer comes back—Clarity!

Trusting me is the clarity.
Relief permeates my cells and I relax into Trusting ME
Moment by moment I go
Reclaiming the pieces that scatter in self-doubt.
Bringing them home
Tucking them in with gentle, kind and affirming love.
I have got this; I have got me.

Ida Civiero

October 31, 2019

When I am clear... what matters to me is what is right for me not for anyone else and it is all good and ok...because I can also from that vantage point, accept what might be right for another to doesn't have to be to me...

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